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Social Media Training Wheels Program
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Where do I begin in the world of Social Media?
So many options: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, Linked In, Hoot Suite

How do I leverage Social Media to get customers and impact new business development?

How do I use Social Media to brand myself, product,service and or my company?

How do I monitor Social Media?

How can I measure my Social Media Activities?

How do I use Search Engine Optimization to gain exposure?

How do I automate getting specific industry information and competitor information?

How do I monitor and respond to positive and negative reviews on the web (Online Reputation Management)?

How do I use Social Media profiles and optimize them to get an Organic presence on Google, Yahoo and Bing?

How do I get targeted Twitter Followers?  How do I optimize my Twitter profile? How do I manage my Twitter Account?

I am to busy to set up my Social Media profiles, all this Social Media stuff is just to much , who can do it for me?

How can I use Online Marketing and Social Media to generate revenue?

Listed above are just a few of the questions that we hear from our clients. It seems that everyone has Social Media on their minds but do not have the time to really explore how to make Social Media work to accomplish their goals. So that is why Social Media Training Wheels & Services was born. Social Media Training Wheels & Services will provide you with the training and support that you need to navigate "The World of Social Media". We provide training,  consultation, implementation, management and strategic Social Media campaigns to help our clients. Our services are not limited to just Social Media. We provide a full range of Online Marketing services (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Management, Pay Per Click, Affiliate and many more). Consulting, implementation and management  of those Online Marketing services as well.

Most people are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram. There are hundreds of other Social networks and Social network tools that are valuable for you to use to get new customers, engage current customers,brand your business and brand yourself, monitor and understand the sentiment of your audience and so much more. 

Social Media Training wheels was developed for executives, sales people, business owners, public figures, corporations, non-profit organizations, independent artists and labels that need training on the specific Social Networks and tools that will help them to accomplish their goals. We consult with you about what you want to accomplish through the use of Social Media and then we navigate through all of the tools that are available and put together a strategy using those Social Media tools and train you on how to use the tools in your customized program. In addition to training you on how to use the Social Media Tools we also explain to you why you are using the tools as well to help you understand the benefits and how it applies to you obtaining your goals. And if you are interested in hiring us to handle the management of your Online marketing campaign for Search Engine Optimization and Social Media we provide those services as well. Along with reporting to help you see the value in your Online Marketing campaign.

We provide you with a tailored training program or you can choose from our many pre-set Social Media programs that helps you to leverage Social Media. These programs will help you with New Business Development, Professional and Personal Branding, ways to monitor and measure Social Media, and how to grow and engage your audience through the use of Social Media. We also provide services for set-up, optimization and management of Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media tools that are important to achieve online success, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management services are also available.

Who Is Tara Williams?

Tara Williams has over 20 years of experience in the area of Sales and Marketing. Her sales and marketing experience are in the areas of Technology (software) sales, Media Sales (SEO, PPC, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, E-commerce).  Through the use of her creative personal branding and marketing strategies she has excelled in sales and has been awarded and noted for exceeding sales goals in all of her positions. Tara Williams positions have been in the area New Business Development, Sales Management/ Sales Training , Strategic Online Marketing - SEO,PPC, Social Media and Senior Advertising Account Executive. Her client base has been in the industries of Entertainment (Labels, Artists, Promoters, Actors), Politicians, Real Estate, Insurance, Hospitality, Automotive,Technology, Direct Marketing (MLM, MLN), Medical, Staffing, non-profits and many other industries.

Over the years of having amazing success in sales many people would ask Tara for  "Tara's Secret".  And throughout the years have been speaking to professionals on the subject of using " Out of  the box ideas" to thrive New Business Development. So as a result of the massive inquires for "Tara's Secret" she decided to start a company that would train executives, managers, sales people and business owners on how to leverage Social Media for their benefit in business. She took her mix of sales skills, passion for sales, marketing skills and passion for marketing, excitement and competitive nature for achieving the highest sales goals and topped it with her knowledge and passion for the use of Online Marketing and Social Media and created:
Social Media Training Wheels.

Get training from an Expert in Social Media and Online Marketing, but also from someone that has actively used the skills and tools to achieve success in New Business Development, Sales, Account Management and Branding. We drive results through effective campaigns for our clients.

Our  Social Media Training Wheels Topics
Custom Social Media Training
Industry Specific Social Media Training
Leverage Social Media to Develop New Business
Use Social Media for business or personal branding
Social Media Training for Executives
Social Media Training for Sales People
Social Media Training for The Real Estate Agent
Social Media for the Direct Marketing Industry
Custom Social Media Campaign Strategies
Implementation of Social Media Strategy
Management of Social Media Campaign
Set-up and Optimization of Social Media Profiles
Set-up and Optimization of Social Media Profiles for Employment

Entertainment Consultation Services Available, Mix-Tape Creation and Distribution,Promotions are just a few of the custom Entertainment Services available. Call for details and pricing. 

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